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The Solar Wall Oven has been Barbara Kerr’s pet project for over 2 decades. Since 1985, when she first built one into the house she designed and now lives in, she has wanted to make this cooker available to the world. The main impediments have been how to draw up plans for constructing the oven, and how to instruct people to correctly install it.  Now, Do-It-Yourself Guidelines for design of the oven have been drawn up to appeal to designers, architects, builders, and remodelers so they can create their own variations to suit their circumstances. It does not provide detailed construction plans either for the cooker or its installation. This leaves wide latitude for selection of materials that are locally available and/or compatible with the type of home construction. This document also contains instructions on how mount the oven in the south wall of a house positioned to receive sufficient sunlight  to cook properly. Over the years there has been a continuing interest in the Solar Wall Oven from people desiring a truly practical solar cooker.  We hope these guidelines will at last succeed in making it possible for them  to incorporate one into his or her lifestyle.

We have built a couple of production prototype Solar Wall Ovens. However the Center has no plans to produce them and no outside enterprise has come forward to take on the envisioned volume manufacturing for the domestic market.

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 Proposed Chapter Outline of Book The Solar Wall Oven

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Solar Wall Oven Do-It-Yourself Guidelines for constructing and installing a thru-the-wall cooker.





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