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Volunteering at the Kerr-Cole Sustainable Living Center.

We welcome folks who wish to assist us in what we do here. Usually we will have opportunities for you to find an outlet for your skills and energies, and we do appreciate assistance in getting things done and making the Center grow. Here are some ways you might help:  

1    Pick a task from the “things need doing” list of maintenance jobs.

2    Work in the garden.

3    Pitch in at whatever activity happens to be going on at the time, such as harvesting or food preservation.

4    Get involved in an experimental building project (sandbag/papercrete).

5    Assist in publications editing and graphics.

6    Help develop educational outreach, for example into community schools.

7    Assume a staff position such as bookkeeper, office manager, site manager, or web master.

8    Participate in design, development and testing projects  -  solar cooking, drying, heating  -  photovoltaics  -  alternative sanitation (humanure, Watson Wick)  -  etc.

9    Write grant applications.

10   Help with publicity.

11   Assist in fund raising.

Check our news page for current specific needs.  

Some jobs can be done in a day or less and are suitable for the one-time or occasional visitor. Others require a commitment over a period of time working either on site or off site – perhaps on a regular basis or perhaps not. We do barter and exchange services - education for labor,  for example. Whatever your availability, please contact us to make arrangements for what is to be done and when. If you contemplate an extended stay, perhaps for a season, please refer to the information on our Guests page and Residents page.

Please be aware that under present circumstances opportunities for residing at the center are very limited. We may accept people in some special cases, but we will not be able to accommodate all requests.

Contact Us for more information.

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