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Beginning in 1972 the Center had been the residence of founder Barbara Kerr, lecturer and author, where she designed, used and demonstrated solar cookers and other solar domestic devices. Her estate bequeathed the 10-acre campus to the non-profit organization Kerr-Cole Sustainable Living Center, which was created as an entity to continue her work as a lived-in research, demonstration and educational homestead.  Currently our Tony Tangalos resides there to act as docent and Center manager.

In the future new people may come to reside at the Center as facilities improve and compatible folks with appropriate skills, experience and interests come to us See  Guest Accommodations for a description of available living spaces. Both full time and part time or seasonal residents are possible. Folks who have an  RV or travel trailer can be accommodated. There is a separate septic for a sewer hook up. However, not much electrical power can be spared from our photovoltaic systems only enough to operate a few lights, a small TV or stereo, a small fan, tool chargers, appliance chargers and a laptop computer.




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