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July 2013.  The Center is now entering a new phase of operation we are calling the “renaissance”. After several years of difficulties stemming from our late founder Barbara Kerr’s declining health, we are back on track to continue our mission to promote her vision. We are perpetuating Center activities at her residence pretty much as they were occurring until around 2009 – tours, demonstrations, open houses, classes, outreach, publications (hardcopy and via web site), solar cooker product sales, book sales and the like. The web site is being brought up to date. We hope also to find a way to again be involved in solar and sustainable product evaluation and development - if a qualified and motivated person wishes to take on that role.

The 501(c)(3) non-profit entity Kerr-Cole Sustainable Living Center, Inc., created for the purpose, has inherited the campus to continue the practices Barbara espoused. With funds she bequeathed to the Center we have renovated the home and grounds, including repainting the exterior and interior. The process of improvements will be ongoing, now that the urgent repairs and improvements have been completed. Our Board President Maria Donaghy has taken up residence at the Center - per Barbara’s wish to have the home lived in by a person or persons who would continue to “walk-the-walk” using the sustainable and solar practices she promoted. Maria will act as resident docent and manager of Center business affairs.

June 5 and 6, 2009. NPC course INTRODUCTION to SOLAR COOKING and SUSTAINABILITY. FOOD for YOUR SOUL; SOL for YOUR FOOD! This course was held at three locations over two days: Northland Pioneer Silver Creek Campus - Snowflake, Arizona; Kerr Cole Sustainable Living Center - Taylor, AZ and Lodestar Gardens, Concho, AZ. Why? Construct 3 different solar cookers to take home; tour two sustainable homesteads; learn basic principles of sustainability.

March 9, 2007. Discovery Channel films Kerr-Cole Sustainable Living Center for the DAILY PLANET Canadian TV series. Discovery Channel Canada visited the Center for a full day of filming, interviews with Barbara Prosser Kerr and Jim Scott -- and hours of hands-on demonstrations of solar and windmill appliances, technologies and lifestyle. The segment will be included with the Daily Planet special on Sustainable Living, airing March 26-31, 2007 throughout Canada. The program will be seen by Discovery Channel USA and Discovery Channel UK in upcoming months. Thanks, Rob and Michael Davidson, for a wonderful experience and opportunity to share the vision.

18 March  06, New Videos. The mid-west TV show "Here's Help" hosted by Larry Rice has aired three 1/2 hour shows featuring interviews with Barbara Kerr and Jim Scott at the Kerr-Cole Center. The show is produced in conjunction with the Missouri Renewable Energy Center (MORE) and The New Life Evangelistic Center in St Louis MO. More information is available at 1-800-228-5284 or www.moreenergy.org.  

01 March 06, Grenada Conference Papers.  http://www.solarconference.net/. We have submitted two research papers for presentation at the International Solar Cookers and Food Processing Conference in Grenada Spain, July  12 to 16, 2006.  Use of the Solar Panel Cooker for Medical Pressure Steam Sterilization presents Barbara Kerr's research work to demonstrating a practical method for situations where fuel is in short supply. Applications for a Boiling Glycol / Water, Flat-Plate Collector Solar Cooker describes Jim Scott's ongoing evaluation and development of the Butler Solar Hotplate with emphasis on making it practical to use.  

07 May 04, Solar Wall Oven Do-It-Yourself Guidelines. Detailed dimensions, materials, constriction hints, installation, etc for built-in or freestanding versions now available. Do-It-Yourself Guidelines


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