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Publications and Other Items Available from KCSLC

Below are listed the publications offered by the Kerr-Cole Sustainable Living Center. Some of the documents are available in electronic form free of charge elsewhere on the Solar Cooking Archives web site. Others are available only from us in printed from. Some printed items are reproduced (with permission) from other entities. Some of these entities are accessible from the Solar Cooking Archives and others are not. We keep copies of all documents on hand, including those more economically available elsewhere, as a convenience to visitors, mail order customers and demo attendees. The proceeds help defray office costs. We have striven on this page to provide links or contact information for alternative ways of obtaining these publications, if such means exist. A considerable number of documents that we normally do not distribute can be special - ordered from the Center. Our internal document for keeping track of these books and pamphlets may be printed: Docs.Avail   Contact Us if you wish to obtain copies of any of these by mail. Cost is $0.50 per page and most are several pages long.

Kerr-Cole Sustainable Living Center BROCHURE Presents basic information about us in a single document.  You may link to a printer friendly version if you wish, or you may receive a published version at no charge by sending a self addresses stamped envelope to the address below. We will include a printed price list  list also . Contact Us if you desire additional copies for distribution.

THE EXPANDING WORLD OF SOLAR BOX COOKERS Textbook by Barbara Kerr, 79 pages with plans. Paperback --$15. Link to text only, (no diagrams.)

SCI TRAINER'S MANUAL, TEACHING SOLAR COOKING Panel cooker examples with language- free drawings --$10  Other Related Teaching Materialss 

ELEANOR'S NEW SOLAR COOKBOOK By Eleanor Shimeall, for red meat eaters. Canning. Pasteurization. Box and panel cooker recipes denoted, 97 pages -- $15 SCI Cookbooks  More

COOKING WITH SUNSHINE By Lorraine Anderson & Rick Palkovic, Chicken, fish, egg, dairy. No beef, pork, lamb. Some vegetarian recipes. ISBN 0-9712855-0-0, 85 pages -- $15 SCI Cookbooks  More

SOLAR BOX COOKING, 2nd Edition By the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District. Specifically for box cookers, 44 pages -- $10

SOLAR COOKING, A Primer/Cookbook By Harrier Kolfalk. Vegetarian, no animal products. One dish meals. Canning and fruit drying. Box and panel cooker designs. Perspective articles. ISBN 1-57067-007-2, 96 pages -- $15 SCI Cookbooks  More

SUSTAINABLE KITCHEN A comprehensive plan for off-grid long-term cooking integrating solar, small wood fire started by flint and steel, and hay box retained heat cooking. Includes packing list. Also food safety info (excerpted from The Expanding World of Solar Box Cookers, above) --$3

GOD AS A SHIFTING CONCEPT, Poems Spanning 60 Years  By Barbara Kerr -- $15

HOME WAS A WINDJAMMER By Barbara Kerr. A memoir of her early days sailing a New England charter schooner  -- $15

SOLAR BOX COOKERS from cardboard 
Mark Aalf Simple Solar Box Oven single box plans excerpted from The Expanding World of Solar Box Cookers --$3
Joe On/Tom Sponheim Minimum Solar Box Cooker box-in-box plans excerpted from The Expanding World of Solar Box Cookers --$2
Patio Solar Box plans --$5 
Telkes Slant-face Box plans excerpted from Capturing Heat (Aprovecho)--$4 
SOLAR PANEL COOKERS  from cardboard 
ROB (Reflective Open Box) plans and workshop outline --$2
7-Panel Backpacker plans (flattest folding panel cooker) -- $2.
CooKit, plans and info. --$5

SOLAR FOOD DRYING  historic overview --$4
SOLAR CHIMNEY DRYER  10 tray downdraft design, plans with user's guide --$2 
Z-Dryer (plans) a moveable open drying rack with multiple trays --$2
SOLAR DOWN DRAFT GARDEN CROP DRYER. large 16 tray design. Schematic, no details --$2

SOLAR PASTEURIZATION Two research reports, a short summary, and two pamphlets --$6 for the set. Solar Cooking Water Pasteurization Wiki
"Pasteurization of Naturally Contaminated Water with Solar Energy" by David A. Ciochetti and Robert H. Metcalf (a reprint)
"Enhancement of Solar Water Pasteurization with Reflectors" by Negar Safapour and Robert H. Metcalf (a reprint)

Enhancing Solar Water Pasteurization with reflectors (summary), by Robert Metcalf
Pasteurizing Contaminated Water with Solar Box Cookers (with IDEXX Labs Colilert E.coli detection discussion) by Robert Metcalf. Search Colilert 

SOLAR WATER HEATER schematic for a simple, one-tank system --$2

WOOD CONSERVING --$4 for all three documents 
EFFICIENT WOOD STOVES  basic theory of wood burning reprinted from News from Aprovecho #49, Spring 1997.
ROCKET STOVES design for building your own small cook stove by Dr Larry Winiarski.  Excerpt from Capturing Heat (Aprovecho.)
ROCKET STOVE workshop outline by B. Kerr.

RETAINED HEAT COOKING overview and cooking times. From Cooking With the Sun, State Technical College, Altötting, Germany plus excerpts from The Expanding World of Solar Box Cookers  --$2. Other links: 1 2

PV SOLAR ELECTRICITY How I understand and care for my setup, with Jim Scott --$3

WATSON WICK Reprints of articles on a way to handle black water in an aerobically composting surface aquifer which waters and fertilizes your garden. Includes plans -- $2

HUMANURE COMMENTARY Our experience composting human feces and urine, by Jim Scott. Supplements The Humanure Handbook (http://www.jenkinspublishing.com/ ). Pamphlet 9 pages -- $5

The Kerr-Cole Sustainable Living Center Video A visit with Barbara P. Kerr and Sherry Cole at the Kerr-Cole Sustainable Living Center. Tour the major components of a sustainable homestead with Barbara and Sherry while they discuss their lifestyle. Transcript of text. ©1994; 50 minutes --$17

CoOKIT Folding solar panel cooker, ready to use -- $25

wAPI Water Pasteurization Indicator device -- $6

RESOURCE LIST A non-comprehensive listing of sustainable living books, pamphlets, contact information, web and e-mail addresses, etc. that we have found valuable. Topics include solar cooking (building, using, recipes); lifestyle; energy; solar food drying; solar water heating; gardening; health; solar pasteurization; and alternative sanitation. 12 pages -- $6

COOKING FUEL CONSERVATION – A Guide to Stovetop Food Heating Efficiency Describes techniques used by Barbara Kerr in her kitchen – small flame, skirting, insulation and retained heat  - to dramatically minimize consumption. 

Use of the Solar Panel Cooker for Medical Pressure Steam Sterilization Autoclave Research Paper for presentation at the International Solar Cookers and Food Processing Conference in Grenada Spain, July  12 to 16, 2006. Describes a practical method for situations where fuel is in short supply. 6 pages -- $3

applications for a boiling Glycol/Water Flat-plate collector solar cooker Research paper for presentation at the International Solar Cookers and Food Processing Conference.  Describes Jim Scott's ongoing evaluation and development of the Butler Solar Hotplate with emphasis on making it practical to use. Available only on-line as PDF file.

  To order, fill out and mail to us the printed price list.           

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All publications, designs and plans created by Barbara Kerr unless otherwise stated. Permission granted for reproduction of all documents for educational and non-profit purposes.

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