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Click here for Links to sustainable living sources in our local White Mountains Arizona area



Links and e-mail addresses of general interest


Solar Cooking Archives (SCA), the exhaustive source of solar cooking information which hosts our site. (Of course you would already know this unless you came to our site directly at the /bkerr address). www.solarcooking.org. Associated with Solar Cookers International. 

Solar Cookers International (SCI), solar cookers, cookbooks, technical assistance, research, advocacy, education resources, international information exchange and community projects. http://www.solarcookers.org/ 

The Development Center for Appropriate Technology (DCAT), exhaustive list of information sources on sustainable topics. www.dcat.net

Humanure Handbook, a Guide to Composting Human Manure, 3rd Edition 2005, the entire book on composting your own excrement is available on line. www.jenkinspublishing.com/

Cal-Earth Institute, sandbag architecture. www.calearth.org/

Arizona Environmental Strategic Alliance, a government and industry partnership for environmental leadership, integrity and social responsibility. www.azalliance.org/

Sunwater Solar Solar Distillers, Eugene Peters. atman@cableone.net

El Paso Solar Energy Association, construction plans for solar water distillers, solar home design, solar cookers, food dryers, water heaters. http://www.epsea.org/stills.html

Friendly Appropriate Solar Technologies (FAST), initiating solar cooking, drying and water pasteurization programs in remote parts of the globe. Eco-tourism, consultation (including photovoltaics), workshops, educational materials, field studies, technology transfer.http://fast-solar.com/

Northern Arizona Wind & Sun, a massive trove of information on wind & solar photovoltaic technology & products with link to an on-line store. www.windsun.com

Backwoods Solar, has available a free catalog/handbook which gives an excellent and concise introduction to solar, wind, hydro components, systems and appliances. www.backwoodssolar.com

Solar Household Energy, promoting solar cooking via the HotPot panel cooker. www.she-inc.org

Arizona Solar Energy Association, www.azsolarcenter.com/solarorg/asea1.html

Aprovecho, a center for research, experimentation and education on alternative technologies. www.aprovecho.net

The Web Savvy Superstars, designers of this site. www.websavvystars.netfirms.com

Sustainable By Design, design services with focus on solar energy, architecture, and green buildings. Design shareware for sun angle, shade determination and energy analysis. www.//susdesign.com/

Martin BioChem, remediation of soils, livestock watering, composting of effluent using algae water. 928 - 536 - 5594, PO Box 1214, Taylor AZ 85939 www.martinbiochem.com

Solar Oven Society, manufacturer of the Sport cooker. www.solarovens.org

Concorde, manufacturer of SunXtender high reliability, absorbed Glass Mat  (AGM), sealed, maintenance-free batteries for photovoltaic home power systems.   www.concordebattery.com/

Bogart Engineering, manufacturer of the Trimetric 2020 Battery Monitor for home power systems. www.bogartengineering.com/

Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center, a seasonal high desert center in New Mexico sharing sustainability ideas and practices. This collaborative project between residents and other inspired folks involves passive solar alternative construction, solar cooking and water heating, water harvesting, permaculture gardening and land stewardship, and low impact lifestyle practices. www.ampersandproject.org 

An Alaska Sustainable Habitat, a proposal for the creation of a sub-Arctic, self-sufficient, agricultural intentional community. Kerr-Cole member Jim Scott's global warming preparedness project. http://sites.google.com/site/alaskasustainablehabitatsite1

Martin BioChem, remediation of soils, livestock watering, composting of effluent using algae water. 928-536-5594, PO Box 1214, Taylor, AZ 85939, www.martinbiochem.com

Recycling Locally A comprehensive pdf document covering what to take where in our region. Includes maps! Also there are many embedded links to other sources of local and general  recycling  interest.

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