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complete plans for a "through-the-wall" solar oven are now available.

outside view (5292 bytes)inside view (5745 bytes) the kerr-cole solar wall oven cooks using only the heat from the sun . it is mounted to the outside of a south-facing wall. a reach-through passageway leading from inside your home to the oven provides convenient access. on a sunny day, this through-the-wall solar oven can experience 6 to 7 hours of temperatures ranging from 250 to 300 degrees f. it is designed with internal reflectors to reduce the exterior profile. if higher temperatures are desired, additional reflectors can be added but usually are not necessary. the gentle cooking of this home-crafted solar oven produces delicious foods and cooks unattended for hours without danger of burned food or house fires.

the oven is approximately 32" wide by 26" deep. the height slants from 6" to 14". the outer shell is constructed with � inch plywood and the inner shell is cardboard covered with foil or sheet metal.

full-scale template-type plans are based on wood framing filled with natural insulation and glazed with two layers of tempered glass or heat resistant plastic. a blackened sheet metal tray lines the bottom. the reach-through passageway from the house is similar to an opening used for an air conditioner. insulated doorways at the entrance to the oven and on the interior wall of the house keep the heat in the oven and restore the protection of an insulated house wall.

the kerr-cole sustainable living center
pob 576
taylor, az 85939

(520) 536-2269

write barbara kerr for details.

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frequently-asked-questions about wall ovens are found here.

listen to an interview with jim scott talking about his solar wall oven here.

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