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to achieve frying temperatures in a single reflector cooker elevate a shallow, dark pan (without a lid) so that it touches the glass inside. then attach a small three-panel reflector that concentrates extra light onto this pan. other food can be baked at the same time in the rest of the oven.

a cardboard cooker can be made water-proof using glue and wax (beeswax or candle wax): 1) cover the outside of the cooker with pieces of cloth that have been dipped in white glue or wheatpaste. make sure the cloth adheres everywhere, applying extra glue to the loose spots. allow to dry completely. 2) rub a generous amount of wax over the entire cloth surface paying special attention to the seams. 3) heat the cooker near a fire or inside a larger solar cooker or other oven until the wax melts into the cloth. 4) repeat steps two and three until you are sure that beeswax has saturated the cloth completely. this process also strengthens a cardboard cooker to a significant degree. testing is needed to see how these materials hold up over time.

if black pots or paint are not available, cook in clear jars. when using jars other than canning jars, the lids should be loosely closed to prevent explosions.

when arranging transport of solar ovens from a large city to rural users, dick wareham recommends finding free space on trucks heading back out into the rural areas after delivering their load of produce or other products in the city.

each time you finish cooking in an oven bag (with a panel cooker), turn the bag inside out to allow it to dry. then use it inside-out the next time you cook.


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