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Solar Cooking Survey  

Some of you have received this survey in the mail, but most of you have not. If you are involved with solar cooking or solar pasteurization activities, please consider printing out and completing this survey.

Survey Part 1 (62.1 KB)

Survey Part 2 (73.9 KB)

Survey Part 3 (52.5 KB)

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Since its inception in 1987, Solar Cookers International (SCI) has collected, compiled and shared solar cooking and solar pasteurization information with people and organizations worldwide. By completing this survey you will help SCI to better understand and better serve the informational needs of the international solar cooking/ solar pasteurization community. The survey results will help SCI update its directory of solar cooking promoters and improve its ability to connect experienced solar cooks and promoters with those who are seeking assistance.

The survey is comprised of three parts. In Part 1, please tell us about yourself (or your organization/ institution) and the activities you are involved with, so that SCI may share your experiences with others, direct information seekers to you as appropriate and contact you as needed for specific initiatives. In Part 2, indicate which solar cooking/ solar pasteurization topics you have needed information about, and whether or not you successfully found information (either from SCI or from other sources). In Part 3, rank your informational needs and tell us what resources you have found useful.

Thanks in advance for mailing the completed survey to:

Solar Cookers International
Attn: Kevin Porter
1919 21st Street, Suite 101
Sacramento, California 95811

If possible, return survey by 31 May 2003. (Otherwise, it will be accepted indefinitely.) Please print clearly.

Thank you very much for your time.

Kevin Porter
Survey Coordinator

Tel: +1 (916) 455-4499

P.S. If you have any additional thoughts about solar cooking or solar pasteurization, or have literature that you would like to share with SCI, please do so. We are a clearinghouse for solar cooking/ solar pasteurization information and maintain files from around the world.