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"The dissemination of solar cookers, in collaboration with competent NGOs, notably the California-based Solar Cookers International, is another area of increased UNESCO involvement in the future."

 UNESCO and the World Solar Program 1996-2005

1919 21st St., Suite 101
Sacramento, CA 95811 USA

Tel: 916-455-4499
Fax: 916-455-4498

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Executive Director Beverly Blum
President David Anderson
Vice President John Collentine
Treasurer Dick Cochran
Secretary Ann Bennett
At-Large Bob Metcalf
Board of Directors
David Anderson
Ann Bennett
Dick Cochran
John Collentine, JD
Joyce Hightower, MD
Barbara Knudson, PhD
Joe McCabe, PE
Bob Metcalf, PhD
Christine Nyanda-Chacha
Millicent Obaso
Bob Parkins, PE
Carolyn Ristau, PhD
John Roche
Gabriele Simbriger-Williams
Bruce Stahlberg

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