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The Pentagon Star Cooker

I am teaching unemployed people how to make and use solar cookers in KwaZulu-Natal. We have clear winters and cloudy summers and the people I have been helping have little or no money. I developed this cooker for use here and it works so well that I felt it would be of use else ware.

This is a great cooker. Out side the tropics a straight panel cooker battles on all but the best days and this cooker takes advantage of lower sun angles in morning and afternoon. Being more efficient it makes up for the odd cloud in the day. It is stable in wind and if put together with paper fasteners can fold down flat for storage. Seasonal changes are made by adjusting the side flaps up or down.

Most medium sized boxes work, a short side of 350 mm to 500 mm and a height slightly more than the width works best. Four short cuts and a few simple folds is all that is required there is no waste and a whole box is used.

Paint the un-foiled sections of the cooker to guard against moisture.

To cook, place food in a black pot or black painted jar, place the food and container in an oven bag close up with a clothes peg and place on card board scrap in the back corner of the reflector. Now place in full sun and adjust straight into the sun by the cookers shadow.

Richard Pocock
81 Archer Crescent
Manor Gardens

Durban 4001
South Africa

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