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Recently solar cooker inventor and pioneer Barbara Kerr remarked to David and Ruth Whitfield, “How very much I admire your dedication to our Family of Man and Woman and the efforts you make to help through ecological cookers.  You are true international treasures.  May blessings continue to flow on all your good work.” 

In their web page, the professionals at Solar Household Energy have said this about David Whitfield:

David is a 51-year-old U. S. citizen who has lived in Bolivia for a number of years. He is a small entrepreneur who speaks very fluent Spanish in the Bolivian idiom. He is remarkable for his dynamism and his strong social and ecological conscience.

David and his Bolivian wife Ruth have undertaken a private crusade on a shoestring to introduce solar ovens and other alternative energy appliances to people across Bolivia. Because of widespread poverty and the increasing scarcity and expense of traditional fuels, his efforts have been well received wherever he goes.

During more than four years, David has honed the method of presenting alternative technologies in the cities as well as in the countryside.

Among his innovative contributions have been:

  • Codification of procedure for conducting training in the uses of radically different technologies, and in teaching the construction of alternative energy equipment.
  • Advocation of cooking systems combining the complementary technologies of box ovens, panel ovens, retained heat ovens, and fuel efficient stoves.

  • Devising means of enabling low income people to purchase alternative energy appliances. 
  • Providing for systematic follow-up evaluation of actual use.

David has also made substantive contributions to solar cooking knowledge: 

  • Through tutelage over the internet.

  • With two major papers delivered in Kimberley, South Africa at the International Conference on Solar Cooking in November, 2000.

David has built, taught how to build, and distributed hundreds of solar ovens, water purification indicators, retained heat cookers, fuel- efficient stoves and solar dryers. He is receiving considerable publicity for these efforts in Bolivian media.

He has had some support from a French NGO, but must still contribute to his cause out of pocket.

David Whitfield has, over time, proven his skills and his dedication to the relief of some major social and ecological ills in Bolivia. With his long field experience he has become one of the world’s most able advocates of alternative technologies for the household.

David’s team is currently working with Rotary International solar cooking champion Wilfred Pimentel and Peace Corp Volunteer Forest Kaser in the pilot phase of an ecological cooker project in Bolivia, South America.

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