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Box Cookers

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French organization Bolivia Inti credits three “Ps” for their successes in spreading solar cookers: passion, perseverance, and positive attitude. In 2005, they trained around 800 new solar cooks. Over the past six years, Bolivia Inti has distributed 3,600 cookers in the Andean countries of Bolivia, Chile and Peru, benefiting 25,000 people in 200 communities.
min7.jpg (23207 bytes) The "Minimum" Solar Box Cooker is very simple to build from two cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, and a plastic bag in place of glass.
The full-size cardboard cooker that collapses down to 3" (8 cm) and weighs 6 lbs. (3 kg)
wpe43.jpg (31520 bytes) Joe Radabaugh's Heaven's Flame 4-reflector cardboard box cookers.
froese1.gif (176598 bytes) A large institutional oven built by Joe Froese in Eritrea.
wpe3F.jpg (53538 bytes) An oven built of mud-and-dung bricks in Ladakh.
wpe37.jpg (56294 bytes) Basket cooker woven especially by Eritrean women.
wpe14.jpg (45969 bytes) A basket cooker at the Centre for Rural Technology in Nepal.
solarchef.jpg (11342 bytes) The "SolarChef," a cylindrical cooker manufactured in the United States.
wpe47.jpg (38677 bytes) Wide ovens needs less turning. Tall reflectors bounce in more light.
wpe1.jpg (42893 bytes) A cooker made from a metal tub by Jay Campbell.
pit1.jpg (67871 bytes) A water pasteurizing cooker made from a pit in the ground by Said Shakerin.
A box cooker made from felt cloth.
wpe25.jpg (25929 bytes) A box cooker made from a basket by Rodrigo Carpio in Cuenca, Ecuador.
"The Villager," a large oven for institutional cooking.
Barbara Kerr's "through-the-wall" oven in Arizona, USA
A number of large wooden cookers in Tanzania.
The "SunPan" was specifically designed to be built in any country with local materials and hand tools, a home-town solar cooker.  This solar cooker can be mass produced.
Acid fruits and tomatoes can be "canned" in the solar oven. This box cooker was made by Doug Edwards.
Box cooker construction workshop led by Al Ligtenberg in Nepal.
The Pil Kaar solar box cooker

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