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the hedon household energy network is an informal forum dedicated to improving social, economic, and environmental conditions in the south, through promotion of local, national, regional and international initiatives in the household energy sector.

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the world forum in nairobi 21st to 23rd jan 2007 and cooking baskets

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how using energy-saving cooking baskets (retained heat cookers) in kenya could help to lead the rest of the world in combatting climate change

the introduction of simple cooking baskets (retained heat cookers) technology to remote maasai communities in kenya is just another step along the road to global awareness for elizabeth riddiford of cci-kenya.

using a cooking basket previously made for her in the kakamega rain forest in western kenya, elizabeth has been able to demonstrate that using a cooking basket along with your normal cooking stove can to save up to 50% to 70% of cooking fuel, whether this is wood, charcoal, kerosene, lpg or grid electricity.

if used more widely cooking baskets could make an immediate, direct and significant reduction in global carbon emissions as well as helping to save locally endangered forests and biodiversity.

in theory every household, whether rich or poor, in every type of environment in every country of the world could have and use one...

with a great promotional opportunity missed by the un conference on climate change, now is a great time to help promote and spread the word... the world forum is soon to be held in nairobi between 21st to 23rd january 2007 with huge numbers of people expected to attend...

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region: kenya


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