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The Kerr-Cole Sustainable Living Center site has been the personal property and residence of Barbara Kerr  for over 3 decades. Over this period the home and grounds have been generally accessible to the public for tours, demonstrations, classes, collaborations, internships and the like. We have formed an Arizona private, non- profit corporation of the same name. This was done with three main aims. First: to protect the premises and the techniques embodied at the Center from undesirable future development. To this end, legal machinery has been put in place to have the land, structures and other physical assets of the Center eventually pass to the ownership of the Corporation. Second: to form a research and educational organization that will continue to exist in the future and to grow along the path Barbara has set out upon. Thus the wisdom and the knowledge gained here can continue to be made available to as wide an audience as practical. Also the research, testing and design programs can be sustained and expanded. Third: the Center as a legal entity also conducts the business of the organization regarding educational outreach and the sales of publications, solar cookers and related items.


501 (C-3) Tax Exempt Status

We are designated as a tax-exempt educational institution by the Internal Revenue Service. Donors may deduct gifts from their taxes. This status also makes us eligible for grants from funding organizations.


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