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2010 annual report
solar cookers international

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executive director letter

it has been a profound year for solar cookers international, harnessing the sun to benefit people and the environment. our work reaches far into the lives of people around the globe, enabling access to solar cooking and water pasteurization. look what we can do together!

after the haiti earthquake hit and thousands of people were left in desperate conditions, sci responded. four hundred of sci�s solar cookits were sent in collaboration with an international organization already on the ground. sun ovens international, friends of haiti organization and international child care ministries worked together to distribute the cookits to people in need. in the community of pigeon, people used these cookits for fireless cooking in crowded areas, as well as enabling clean water. through the schools and classrooms of international child care ministries, sci continues to work toward sustainability by training teachers and integrating the use of cookits into the fifth-grade science curriculum.

every day sci is connected to people around the world who are looking for an alternative way to cook, pasteurize water and ultimately improve their lives. consistent presence on the internet is sci�s tool to educate, inform and make connections throughout the world. the possibilities are endless and sci looks forward to a bright future of exposing more areas of the world to the power of solar cooking. with your help and continued support, it will happen!

amyjo mattheis
executive director

board of directors (2009 / 2010)

jack blanks

edye kuyper

michael mora

sharon cousins

arline j. lederman

patty roberts

bill hudson

patricia mcardle

gabriele simbriger-williams

joseph huma

robert metcalf

john sudman

gary hursh

virginie mitchem

dawit tadesse

sotiris kolokotronis

james moose

honey walters


program update

solar cookers international reaches around the globe every day. through our web-based solar cooking archive, the knowledge, experience and connections of sci are available to all who have interest. stretching from kenya and the eastern african region, up to palestine, over to india and china, while continuing around to australia and on to south america, haiti, and cost rica, people are asking about how to solar cook. the movement is green; it is public health, and it is women and girls.

in response to the life-changing haiti earthquake, sci worked in conjunction with organizations already on the ground. four hundred cookits were delivered to haitians. fireless cooking was essential in the devastating aftermath of the earthquake, where proximities were close and damaged buildings and leftover wreckage filled the landscape. interrupted civil services due to the quake�s effects made clean drinking water difficult to find. haitians were able to utilize the cookit to pasteurize water and remain healthy. months after the initial response, sci is still in haiti, working with international child care ministries and friends of haiti organization to expand solar cooker training to teachers and to integrate the use of the cookit into fifth-grade curriculum for long-term sustain-

sci remains active in kenya in a project with the u.s. environmental protection agency and practical action. in the community of kadibo, kenya, sci joined forces with these groups to educate families about cleaner, integrated cooking methods that dramatically reduce exposure to indoor air pollution. using cookits in conjunction with fuel-efficient stoves and retained heat devices provides an overall benefit for families in spending far less on fuel, in addition to health and safety benefits for women and girls. this project will continue through may of 2011, by which time we anticipate meeting increased sustainability expectations.

in addition to our on-the-ground work overseas, sci is consistently advocating within the united nations, world bank, world health organization and the department of state. through volunteer sci advocates based in new york city, washington d.c. and geneva, sci is raising awareness that solar cooking is a viable solution to many of the global issues confronting us today. harnessing the sun to benefit people and the environment is the mission of sci. the work is on-going as new opportunities to utilize the power of the sun arise each day. it is a profound benefit that every morning the rays of this solution arise new as well.

thoughts and observations

from sci supporter karen goodman:
�three of us from chico had the opportunity to visit sci offices in nairobi and kakamega, kenya. while i�ve been a supporter of sci for several years, it was especially impactful to witness the good work of your organization.�

from sci board member honey walters:
�i am absolutely passionate about solar cookers. i cannot think of another device that has such a multitude of benefits: helping to stop violence against women, reducing greenhouse gases, preventing waterborne illnesses, lessening exposure to indoor air pollution. i like volunteering my time to serve on the board. the more i see sci using its collective donations to help others, the more i want to give and bring my friends and family to the organization.�

financial summary






sales (gross profit)


donated goods and services







international programs


education resources



humanitarian assistance


resource development








investments $41,947
grants receivable $49,105

equipment and vehicles

inventories for sale $23,621







net assets 06/30/10


solar cookers international is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. sci maintains consultative status with the united nations economic and social council (ecosoc), administers the solar cookers world network (scwnet) and is affiliated with aid for africa. sci is a member of interaction, and meets its standards for private voluntary organizations. donations to sci are tax deductible as allowed by law. sci does not sell, rent or trade donor information. sci�s tax id number is 68-0153141.

solar cookers international: harnessing the sun to benefit people and the environment.

our supporters ($250 +)

life stewards

anonymous (3)
a.e. & martha michelbacher fund
aid for africa
beverly & george blum
chris & jeanette phelps
distracted globe found.
found. for the carolinas
georgiana & everett schuldt
glenn hovemann & muffy weaver
greater kansas city community found.
prof. edith borie

gold benefactors

anonymous (2)
a better world fund
agnes gund
arline j. lederman & edward friedman
barbara leighton
bill & melinda gates found.
burnett & mimi miller
carla soracco
carlyn halde
cary williams
christine laney & jeffrey herrick
david roberts & gail simpson
don & nancy crosby
donald coan & barbara jodry
dora freedman levit fund
doran e. smout
edye kuyper
eileen schjelderup
emma garrison
erik e. & edith h. bergstrom found.
eunice mahler
freight & salvage coffeehouse
gary & gayle hursh
genevieve brennan nauman
hein & beverly rusen
helen & thomas merrigan charitable trust
honey walters
ibm employee
james moose & kirstie wilson
jean kindleberger
jeffrey herrick
jim & virginia moose
jim rapinchuk
joan myers
john & mary ann roche
john & rita sudman
john parker
judy & jack cunningham
karol a. foss
katherine ricks
kraft matching gifts program
larry rockefeller
louise arnold maddux environmental found.
mahnaz saremi & said shakerin
microsoft matching gift campaign
nina d�ambra & martin goldberg
rebecca arnold
remy, thomas, moose and manley, llp
rev. samuel l. edwards, presbytery of geneva
sharon d. myers
silicon valley community found.
sonja f. jones
st. paul�s episcopal church
stephen & lucila plank
temple emanu-el, san diego
the grace jones richardson trust
the machiah found.
the rosenlund family found.
tierra oil company
tom and phyllis hammer
tosa found.
valerie anderson
virginie & john mitchem
w.e. dobbins
whole systems found.
williams family trust
worldwide missions

silver benefactors

anonymous (3)
aaron cohn
adams united methodist women
alta schwartz
andrea lewis
archer daniels midland company
ardele martinez
barbara e. lapp
bernice & jack burns
beverly & chuck barnes
bob whitcomb & roz balkin
camille dull
carl r. heinlen
carolyn & anton tucher
cate mcguire & mike smith
clark & eleanor shimeall
dan hafeman
daniel drake
david & elizabeth anderson
david schwartz
dawit tadesse
devon dickenson
dick & kathie hanson
don & nan faith
donal & brenda brown
donald e. twohey
dorene matney & gary estes
east bay community found.
eaton kenyon fund of the sacramento region community found.
elizabeth hagens
exeter high school
florence wagner
frances w. stevenson
frank & clare gallardo
frank & joan cho
friederike heidger
gil ewing
gwen & dick houk
hilde heidt
ingela bjorck
irene ott
jack blanks
jacob sigg
janet & martin sheen
jean artz
jean h. holden & james sanford
jerry plummer
john & jean burton
john & joyce nicholas
john fries
joseph r. heller, phd
judith johnston
karen rae sutton lowe
kathleen & p.h. moore
kathleen & reed johnson
kirk hamilton, prescription 2000, inc.
koda sun
la canada presbyterian church
lee perrone
lila g. harman
louis & georgette grivetti
luther & cathy jo leake
marianne & ray kluever
marianne davis
marion g. merrill
marjorie derezin
mark niehaus
martha h. oehler
mary ann reihman & craig clark
mary frank & leo treitler
mary m. agatstein
mary s. wagner & mark klein
melody & peter philbrick
michael & sachiko sugawara
michael mora
michael taylor
miriam & william jencks
mr. & mrs. donald a. blank
mr. & mrs. john cahill
mr. & mrs. tony fielek
nancy frey
natalie houghton
nicole c. faulkner
nordhoff high school student body
pasco found.
patrick & dianna ryan
paul & kathleen arveson
peggy & glenn calkins
pershing charitable trust
petaluma hope
peter d�ascoli
peter rogen
phoebe love
richard & alice matzkin
robert & irene brown
robert & shirley sharps
ronald cohn
ruth m. & charles dow
sacred heart school beta club
sarasota manatee jewish federation
sarmento family charitable trust
sci consulting group
sean callan
shirley augustine
smud - education department
the irene levoy found., inc.
therese edlin
tom & sally coyle
tori nourafchan & david rosenstein
virginia zapp
wachovia found. matching gifts program
wednesday night dinner club
west bend high school
westminster presbyterian church
william brown jr.


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joseph & kerrie aiello
elizabeth r. allen
jose antonio ambros-ingerson
richard anderson
lorraine anderson
geoff ball
raymond & betty ann barnett
ronald f. barta
carol & walter beebe
joni berinstein
barbara blum
amanda bowen
thomas e. & ritva bowman
robert & betsy bradshaw
lois brannan
keith brinton
richard & barbara bull
enid busser
jay & linda butler
helen kennedy cahill
lynn chiapella
barbara & william chinitz
nancy & charles cladel
dick & ellen cochran
carol cox
katherine s. dannenberg
arthur & etta deikman
tony & margie deriggi
steven dorfman
wena & dave dows
marvin & nellie droes
richard & jean eckert
jerry & mary elliott
louise h. emmons
wallace & heike eubanks
dr. carl f. evert
simone fary
olga ferguson
minot & laurel ferson
daniel feuermann
robert fossgreen
alison fuller
marilyn gerhard
carol n. gerlitz
jonathan k. gewirz
helen giambruni
sharon girdner
vicki glazener
mary d. gordon
robert j. greensfelder
sadja greenwood
christopher gronbeck
barbara guzman
marshall & carla hansen
linda & gerald hayward
laura henderson
nancy hoecker
cheryl horsley
casey hudson
richard k. johnson
lois & david kail
gail & bill kassis
dennis & joanne keith
dr. virginia kidd
russ & janice kramer
gloria laird
jean & milton le roy
c. & m. leith
allen & carol lilleberg
dr. melanie loo
elizabeth & ron madsen
hind malouf
susan mcclatchy
boyd mcdonald
patrick d. mcguire
joyce & mark mellander
lilliana c. mendez-soto
gregory & mary mignano
bob miller
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mike morton
kim muehe
catherine r. mumaw
miriam murdock
jean & richard nickles
larry & lisa norman
christopher o�connor
tamaki t. ogata
sylvia & robert paashaus
ann paregien
ann pasek
anita kelley pearson
peter m. pickens
the rosen family
bud & olga jane rotermund
don roth
claire russell
peter & susan shickele
genny smith
dr. maclyn somens
linda m. sorauf
bill sperber
sally ann stein
a. & b. stephenson
william & shareall stillwater
lily y. tamura
anne p. teller
john & andrea thomas
jon torgerson
ann & anthony trujillo
judith tulloch
rob tyrrell
leon van steen
jane varley
richard waid
h. bradley walker
roxanne warren
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janet a. wessel
la rae & milton whitehead
joan wilkes
david & sydell winer
sarah young
peggy & lee zeigler
terry grumley
jane hiatt & dr. robert pearl
arlene hoffman & henry sodke
mark kowala & jane rapinchuk
patricia roberts & alfred hislop
lynn gordon & david simon
ken masterton & sarah wright
roger peters & stephanie moulton
lee w. miller & pamela long
benjamin keh & patricia gee
john hunt & teresa clayton
carol dulmage & yasha susoeff
abbey borghei, banner heating & air
california state employees
capital one
carmichael presbyterian church women
catholic charities health human services
bob dreizler, chartered financial consultant
community synagogue
corinth presbyterian church
first baptist church of lexington
first parish in needham
graichen consulting
joseph o. huma
h. & r. peters family found.
international awareness club
japan solar cooking association
jewish communal fund
markmakers found., inc.
moorpark women�s fortnightly club
perforce found.
santa cruz women�s club
schwenksville elementary school
simms survivor trust
st. john�s lutheran church
terrasource gourmet chocolates
the jewish community found.
the new york avenue presbyterian church
unitarian universalist fellowship

every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this list. should you have a question or comment about its contents, please contact the sci resource development director at (916) 455-4499. thank you.

tributes in honor / memory of

anne funkhauser & boyd mathias
bel aire school
bev blum
bill braddock
caitlin fross
carol geilitz
carolyn j. ellis
carter jay campbell
catherine sellitto
cynthia luce
david toma
dee weis
dr. anne thompson
eric de rivera
faustine odaba
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jane douglass
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joshua howitt
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laura cowan
louisa fanver
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prof. john pollock
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robert newman
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talia michelle colten
tamara gonzalez
the chandler family
vivian moore lee
wendy wolfe & family
william sherman & jane snellman

shine on! sponsors

gilbert l. nye, lawrence-nye-andersen associates
victor & barbara ulmer, our developing world
david brisbin, white pine productions
cal setzer, setzer found.
virginia moose
joseph huma, groeecd
bob dreizler, chartered financial consultant
del & alta tura
frank husson, solar solutions

contact information

solar cookers international
1919 21st street #101
sacramento, ca 95811

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