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2009 annual report
solar cookers international

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president's message

as solar cookers international (sci) starts its new fiscal year, i want to take a moment to thank you all for your generous support. without your continued support, spreading the message of solar cooking and solar water pasteurization would not be possible.

this last year has been a year of transition and expansion. we completed the sunny solutions project in kenya, and like all great projects it has inspired more possibilities for sci. we now have more regional offices in kenya to continue to disseminate solar cooking and safe water solutions.

the board of directors looks forward to a wonderful new year and we hope you will celebrate our successes with us. as always, we look forward to hearing from you with your ideas and suggestions.

gary hursh
sci board president

board of directors (2008 / 2009)

jack blanks sotiris kolokotronis james moose
sue corbett edye kuyper michael mora
louis grivetti arline j. lederman patty roberts
patt hull patricia mcardle gabriele simbriger-williams
joseph huma robert metcalf dawit tadesse
gary hursh virginie mitchem honey walters


program highlights

education resources

having compiled solar cooking and solar water pasteurization information for over two decades, sci is in a unique position to offer materials and resources covering a broad spectrum of solar cooker technologies and strategies. whether you�re an experienced solar cook, a teacher, a solar advocate, or just curious about how food could possibly be cooked by the sun, sci has tools that can help you out.

sci�s web sites provide the easiest access to solar cooker materials and resources. the sci marketplace offers a range of solar cookers, cookbooks, and other products that will help you get started; the solar cooking archive and its associated wiki offer plans for building numerous models of solar cookers, a user-created database of solar recipes, a calendar of upcoming events, and potentially life-saving techniques for solar water pasteurization; the discussion forum and wiki are great places to ask questions, share your solar cooking stories, and network with others � beginners and enthusiasts alike.

sci�s solar cooker review and sunews periodicals continue to serve as windows into the world of solar cooker promotion. from the smallest school science fairs to the largest multinational solar cooker programs, inspiring stories of the simple power of solar cookers to improve people�s lives and preserve precious natural resources are highlighted, as well as new solar cooker designs, profiles of solar cooker manufacturers, and insightful strategies for successful solar cooker promotion.

sunny solutions

over the course of five years, more than 3,000 solar cookits were made by and purchased from local women in nyakach, kenya, impacting the lives of over 100,000 people in this poorest corner of kenya, with dramatic reductions in respiratory and waterborne diseases. additionally, 1,000 solar cookers were purchased by local humanitarian agencies for the disabled, elderly and very poor. an extensive, independent evaluation of sci�s sunny solutions project found widespread awareness and use of solar cooking and water pasteurizing. solar cookers and supplies are now available through women who sci helped start small businesses.

solar cooking and water pasteurizing is also spreading into nearby communities, as well as a new region in eastern kenya � machakos � where young, single mothers are learning to solar cook and earn money for their families with time saved from reduced firewood collection trips.

documented benefits include:

  • reduced fuel expenditures by over 45%
  • direct and indirect employment opportunities
  • reduced incidence of smoke- and water-related illnesses
  • improved local environment due to less charcoal and firewood use
  • reduced hours spent by women and children gathering firewood, leading also to increased productivity in farms, businesses, and schools
  • increased self confidence and community respect among women using solar cookers, especially those who have started related businesses
  • enhanced community knowledge of renewable energy sources

safe water project

early research by professor bob metcalf led to broad use of solar cookers as water pasteurization devices, particularly in conjunction with sci�s water pasteurization indicator (wapi). today these simple technologies are reducing waterborne diseases, while also saving precious cooking fuel and reducing smoke-related diseases. dr. metcalf � an sci founder � has also developed a simple, inexpensive method of testing water in remote areas that does not require days-long tests at distant laboratories. with a generous grant from richard and rhoda goldman fund, dr. metcalf is training water experts in ministries of water and sanitation in kenya, tanzania, and uganda. this training complements solar cooking and water pasteurizing, further reducing preventable waterborne diseases that kill millions of children worldwide.

other international activities

this year, sci has provided training in several african countries and began exploring opportunities in many others. the benefits of these trainings are evident: in nairobi�s kangemi slum, for example, children from the hamomi children�s centre were served their first lunch in months, and can now have lunch every day thanks to solar cookers and the money saved by not buying cooking fuel.


sci�s advocacy has focused on health, especially reducing smoke- and water- related diseases and the special needs of refugees, whose fuel-gathering trips outside camps increase risks of violence to women. thanks to the dedicated efforts of six volunteer united nations representatives in geneva and new york, sci is invited to participate in key committees and present �side events� at conferences.

sci�s voice is now louder with 200 independent solar food technologies experts and promoters that make up the solar cookers world network started by sci. network members collaborate on advocacy and contribute expertise through sci�s web sites, and are currently working on easy guides for comparing solar cooker performance, costs and consumer preferences.


sci�s volunteers are a diverse group of people from all over the world whose commitment to spreading solar cooker knowledge and use is evident with every hour of time donated � more than 1,000 hours in the past year! like many nonprofit organizations, sci was not unscathed by the recent economic downturn, but thanks to a wonderful, generous and dedicated network of volunteers, sci raised greater awareness of the benefits of solar cooking. thanks in large part to their efforts, sci saw an increase in web site visits and product sales, was invited to participate in numerous events, and enjoyed increased media attention. whether advocating for solar cooker use with international and government agencies, spreading awareness within the community, or simply lending a hand around sci�s offices, volunteers play a powerful and integral role in accomplishing sci�s mission. thank you to those who gave their time and energy so selflessly in support of the cause.

financial summary





sales (gross profit) $114,415
donated goods and services $17,173
other ($151)




international programs


education resources




humanitarian assistance


resource development $104,117










grants receivable


equipment and vehicles


inventories for sale








net assets 06/30/09


solar cookers international (sci) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. sci maintains consultative status with the united nations economic and social council (ecosoc), is a founding member of the solar cookers world network (scwnet), and is affiliated with aid for africa. sci is also a member of interaction, and meets its standards for private voluntary organizations. donations to sci are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. sci does not sell, rent or trade donor information. tax id # 68-0153141.

sci assists communities to use the power of the sun to cook food and pasteurize water for the benefit of people and environments.

our supporters ($250 +)

life steward: foundations & corporate gifts

richard & rhoda goldman fund
community foundation of greater memphis
alternative gifts international
aid for africa federation
thau family trust fund

life steward: individual & community gifts

helen chess
beth & steve bangert
mr. & mrs. mark cotham
glenn hovemann & muffy weaver
judith jones
drs. james & nancy joye
arline j. lederman
bob & mary beth metcalf
chris & jeanette phelps
fred & alice stanback

gold benefactors: foundations & corporate gifts

a.e. & martha michelbacher fund
erik e. & edith h. bergstrom foundation
fidelity charitable gift fund
fischer family fund
helen & thomas merrigan charitable trust
industrial valco
kinkle family trust
larry rockefeller, rockefeller & co, inc.
marin community foundation
markmakers foundation, inc.
norma & ernie siegler family foundation
robert h. & janet s. fleisher foundation
sarmento family charitable trust
teen tzedakah fund
the hesed fund
the machiah foundation
the rosenlund family foundation
the stutzman family foundation
thomas & donna stone foundation
tom & phyllis hammer, shasta linen supply, inc.
vanguard charitable endowment
whole systems foundation

gold benefactors: individual & community gifts

valerie anderson
beverly & george blum
allan & marilyn brown
judy & jack cunningham
nina dambra & martin goldberg
peter d�ascoli
dr. nancy detjen
jack & katherine donaldson
gil ewing
karol a. foss
frank & clare gallardo
emma garrison
louis & georgette grivetti
christopher gronbeck
cary & gary hart
patt & tupper hull
worldwide missions
john kemmerer, stevenson school
christine laney & jeffrey herrick
barbara leighton, md
nancy levit & cathy underwood
eunice mahler
easton farmers� market
kent mein
burnett & mimi miller
jim & virginia moose
joan myers
john & joyce nicholas
john parker
dr. & mrs. stephen & lucila plank
david roberts & gail simpson
patricia roberts & alfred hislop
david schwartz
janet & martin sheen
clydene shepherd
clark & eleanor shimeall

silver benefactors: foundations & corporate gifts

bank of america matching gifts
cal setzer, setzer foundation
grace rapinchuk charitable foundation
kaiser permanente community giving program
microsoft matching gift campaign
angela pagtalonia, sci consulting group
network for good
punya chaudhuri, process improvement systems
schwab fund � charitable giving
susan bury & david stauffer, stauffer bury, inc.
the coyle foundation
the turner gilliland family fund
williams family trust

silver benefactors: individual & community gifts

fort foote bc singles ministries
fort foote baptist church
c. k. mcclatchy hs ecological club
mary m. agatstein
david & elizabeth anderson
cindy barber & horace horton
margaret bowles
susanne b. brown
leslee burnett
john & jean burton
donald coan & barbara jodry
marianne davis
raj & helen desai
devon dickenson
dr. ruth m. & charles dow
daniel drake
carol dulmage & yasha susoeff
richard eitel
jerry & mary elliott
lisa esherick
don & nan faith
city of sacramento
alison fuller
dan hafeman
peter & gretchen haight
lila g. harman
dorothy c. hatchett
st. michael�s episcopal church
charles & wendy haws
linda & gerald hayward
friederike heidger
carl r. heinlen
joseph r. heller, phd
kathlene holser
natalie houghton
phyllis huettner
ellen jensen
bruce & peggy kennedy
william & janet kristie
edye kuyper
luther & cathy jo leake
seth lloyd
christ church, detroit
phoebe love
karen rae sutton lowe
ardele martinez
terry mason
dorene matney & gary estes
boyd mcdonald
lilliana c. mendez-soto
virginie & john mitchem
kathleen & p.h. moore
james moose & kirstie wilson
genevieve brennan nauman
max palevsky & jamie knapp
martha l. payne
lee perrone
gudrun & wolfgang polak
grace rapinchuk
mary ann reihman & craig clark
marc rosenbaum & jill de la hunt
r.h. & dorothy ruby
patrick & dianna ryan
kenneth & marjorie sauer
alta schwartz
robert & shirley sharps
mary & steve sims
kiki smith
derek & stephanie smith
william & shareall stillwater
john & andrea thomas
h.a. tucher
judith tulloch
del & alta tura
gerard van steyn
mary s. wagner & mark klein
esther wanning
john & diane warner
hannah & felix wassermann
mariquita west m.d.
virginia zapp

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johnson-schroeder foundation
community health charities
universal giving
centennial continuity funds
temple emunah, inc.
clorox company foundation
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associate: individual & community gifts

united church of marion
carmichael presbyterian church women
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curtis alling
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joseph & virginia audia
raymond & betty ann barnett
linda bell
magnus b. bennedsen
amanda bowen
thomas e. & ritva bowman
john boyanich
michael & holly brickner
donal & brenda brown
sean callan
marion cechnicki
lynn chiapella
bobb� & robert christopherson
myrna dake
linda davis & serge rudaz
dr. & mrs. arthur deikman
tony & margie deriggi
steven dorfman
wena & dave dows
marvin & nellie droes
michael r. eaton & charity kenyon
james & joy evans
christine felman
mark fernquest
tony fielek
robert j. flynn
st. francis of assisi parish
carol n. gerlitz
jonathan k. gewirz
sharon girdner
vicki glazener
karen goodwin & peter hollingsworth
lynn gordon & david simon
jonathan & shelah graiwer
robert j. greensfelder
sadja greenwood
ron hansen
joan harrison
robert herman
jane hiatt & dr. robert pearl
bailey hill
nancy hoecker
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gerda holmstrom & john engen
theresa horrigan
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john hunt & teresa clayton
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clyde & ellen macdonald
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lane raskauskas
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irene & jose rodriguez
claire russell
mr. & mrs. christopher ryan
carol & kenneth schloo-wright
sunset rotary club, central bergen district 7490
peter & susan shickele
dr. maclyn somens
lily y. tamura
michael taylor
ole thogersen
paul & nancy valentine
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john & nancy wagner
florence wagner
roxanne warren
ruth weiller
george & lucille wilson
keith & claudette york
peggy & lee zeigler

every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this list. should you have a question or comment about its contents, please contact the sci resource development coordinator at (916) 455-4499. thank you.

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