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2006 annual report
solar cookers international

executive director's message


it has been a privilege to see how your commitment has positively affected so many lives. as a member of the sci family of volunteers, staff and supporters of program activities described in this report, your contributions to these accomplishments are acknowledged with gratitude and sincere appreciation.

your commitment to sci�s mission facilitated our efforts to inspire others to try simple technologies for cooking and for pasteurizing water. these efforts helped to prevent waterborne diseases, kept families from burns and smoke, protected the environment, eliminated hours of work for others and relieved children of tasks beyond their years. programs supported by you ensure that refugees live a safer life by using solar cookers instead of going in search of fuel in hostile environments.

your commitment allowed advocates to speak with decision makers, representing those whose voices often go unheard or are unheeded.

you made a contribution; a contribution to a more humane planet.

we look forward to celebrating sci�s 20th anniversary with you next year, and an expansion of our efforts in new regions and countries and new educational outreach efforts in the u.s.

thank you again for your commitment and contributions.

patrick t. widner
sci executive director

highlights 2005-2006

eastern africa program

sunny solutions  the sunny solutions project started in 2003 in nyakach, kenya in partnership with the community-based organization nyakach community development association. the project works to reduce smoke- and water-related diseases, and encourages women�s micro-enterprises.

  • approximately 1500 families have purchased solar cookits to cook food and to pasteurize drinking water.

  • local women earn commissions from cookit sales and product demonstrations. several women report increased confidence and the ability to help meet needs of their families.

  • over 95% of nyakach residents are now aware of solar cooking and its benefits, such as time saved in not searching for fuel, reduction of smoke caused illnesses and money relocated to purchases other than charcoal and wood.

pawii award  women from the sunny solutions project earned a prestigious pan-african women invent and innovate (pawii) award in accra, ghana in september 2005. the women in nyakach, kenya developed and assembled an innovative �oywa� cookit, a solar cooker that is less expensive and potentially more durable.

reducing waterborne disease  sci teaches solar water pasteurization skills that complement other water treatments. water pasteurization indicators (wapis) are used to let families know when water has been sufficiently heated and is safe to drink.

  • a survey of 47 nyakach area households with a total of 87 children under the age of five revealed that solar pasteurizing � using both the solar cookit and wapi � has been quickly adopted and significantly reduced diarrhea among small children in nyakach.

youth perspective in nyakach  youth wrote essays on how solar cookers have impacted their lives. drawings depicted the burdens and environment degradation associated with cooking fuel collection, and illustrated solar cookers in action.

�people like to cook with the cookit because it makes food � delicious as honey.� � oliech joash, student

new communities served in kenya  families in kadibo, on the outskirts of kisumu, and kajiado, on the main highway from nairobi to tanzania, are improving their health, economics and environments with solar cooking and water pasteurization.


new sci association  the sci board of directors agreed to serve as the legal umbrella/secretariat for a solar cookers international association (scia) to be formed at the international solar cookers conference in granada, spain in july 2006. prior to the event, former sci executive director bev blum and others who would attend the july conference worked diligently to set the stage for the formation of scia, which is made up of individuals and organizations throughout the world to become a single voice for solar cooking advocacy.

conference participation  sci members participated in the annual meeting of ngos affiliated with the united nations, as well as the following events:

  • sci�s volunteer geneva u.n. representatives attended the annual encuentro solar event in spain.

  • sci presented at the international solar energy society 2005 solar world congress in orlando, florida.

  • eastern africa director margaret owino represented sci at the beijing international renewable energy conference.

education resources

new advocacy materials  portable displays, powerpoint presentations, and policy papers increased visibility for solar cookers� potential among international and national leaders.

solar film  sci served as the advisor to film maker catherine scott in the preparation of a video on solar cooking and solar water pasteurization in western kenya titled �sun cookers.�

web site grows  the solar cooking archive <> is continually expanding and is approaching 2 million visitors since its launch. it serves as a clearinghouse of solar cooking information from around the globe.

collecting and sharing information  several solar cooker review and eastern africa sunews issues have been published in print and on-line.

cookit enhancement  instructions for solar cooking and solar pasteurizing are now printed on the backs of cookits sold in the united states.

teacher empowerment  sci�s teacher�s kit has been upgraded and improved with the addition of three full-color posters and a series of handouts.

liberation of paper knowledge  an ambitious project is underway to scan, catalog and make available via the internet several hundred solar cooking documents that have previously only existed in paper form. many, but not all, are technical in nature.

information exchange

inquiry response  sci continues to respond to all information seekers, answering more than 1200 requests in the year. tom sponheim responded to most of the inquiries this year and continues in his 10th year as webmaster of the solar cooking archive. those information seekers include established solar cooking organizations, new solar cooking groups, students, teachers, reporters, government officials, and many self-help and development organizations.

  • about 300 new contacts in more than 40 countries were made during the year.

  • information seekers both add to and benefit from the growing body of information on the solar cooking archive

project updates  during the year, sci�s solar cooker review facilitated exchange of information concerning independent solar cooking projects in 36 countries.

�merci beaucoup for the quantity and quality of information you have so quickly provided. i could easily access all the information you sent.�
� sena alouka, executive director, young volunteers for the environment (togo)

awards  client-friends of information exchange won many awards during the year.

�many thanks for your voice of support. on december 7 in berlin i will receive the very important prize � europa solar 2005. i will receive in the name of latin america. here is a strong hug.�
� martin almada, center for the development of solar energy (paraguay)

international directory  sci maintains an on-line directory of over 500 solar cooking promoters worldwide at

technical assistance

darfur refugees in chad  sci and kozon, a dutch ngo, have partnered to provide solar cookers, related supplies and associated training to darfur refugee families at iridimi camp in chad. cookits were assembled on-site by 21 refugee women, who earned an income through this activity. a production workshop was completed in early 2006. over 70 refugee women teach solar cooking and distribute solar cookers in the camp. the refugee women at iridimi camp have persevered in promoting solar cooking even as the security situation has grown increasingly unstable since april 2006.

�i asked a lady in the camp how often she uses her solar cooker. she told me, �i eat everyday, so i use it everyday.��
� derk rijks, kozon coordinator in iridimi (chad)

distinguished people

order of excellence  barbara knudson was inducted into sci order of excellence. barbara has been an active volunteer in promoting solar cooking worldwide for almost two decades. she was a featured speaker on sci�s first conference in 1989 and served 12 years as an sci board member. barbara was instrumental in the early success of sci�s first field project, at kakuma refugee camp in kenya.

volunteer of the year  david ruppe was awarded sci�s volunteer of the year. for the past 16 years, david has donated countless hours of professional-quality layout services, enabling sci to produce the solar cooker review at reduced cost.

advocates & volunteers

mark aalfs

patt & tupper hull

eloise & edward norton

dale andreatta gary & gayle hursh edwin pejack
jean & george artz norge jerome barby pulliam

don coan & barbara jodry

joyce jett john roche

sherry cole

nanci & matt kuzins anne rudin
mark cotham a.j. lederman jean runyon
ann m. down mary makaus david ruppe
mary frank david martin clark & eleanor shimeall
christopher gronbeck joe mccabe tom sponheim
hal hammond louise meyer claude thau
linda & gerald hayward burnett & mimi miller del & alta tura
sonia heptonstall jim & virginia moose deling wang

board of directors

ann bennett patt hull michael mora
jack blanks joseph huma christine nyanda-chacha, llb
dick cochran barbara knudson, phd robert parkins, pe
john collentine, jd edye kuyper gabriele simbriger-williams
sue corbett robert metcalf, phd bruce stahlberg
joyce hightower, md virginie mitchem dawit tadesse, phd

funding partners

sun circle $10k+

fred & alice stanback beth & steve bangert the morris and alma schapiro fund
bev & george blum anonymous w. chris barnhill
anonymous jkw foundation mark & patrice cotham
james & nancy joye bob & mary beth metcalf claude thau

 life steward $5-10k

larry rockefeller philip & ruth ingber tina thomas & william abbott
william & mary shimasaki rotary club of sacramento jean & george artz
chris & jeanette phelps kent mein  
elizabeth luster mark & tim o�brien  

 stellar benefactor $1-5k

joan myers rob tyrrell patt & tupper hull
jim & virginia moose emma garrison valerie anderson
sujan burgeson the grace jones richardson trust suzanne & john taylor
nancy levit & cathy underwood lesley schroeder virginie & john mitchem
the setzer foundation robert & denise borcyckowski fredricka & ben shapiro
ronald crosier stephen & lucila plank clark & eleanor shimeall
ann stephens james moose & kirstie wilson alta & david schwartz
presbytery of geneva burnett & mimi miller marc rosenbaum & jill de la hunt
robert stuart jr. make a mark foundation, inc. sa boothroyd
james mcclatchy christina gore the hesed fund
lucy & dave bauer mr. & mrs. george kinkle iii unitarian universalist church of davis

 gold benefactor $1k

joan & sig cohn jack diepenbrock mariquita west
don & nancy crosby barbara lapp eleanor laubly
peter d�ascoli lucyna debarbaro the machiah foundation
kathy pillsbury & cindy marshall lesley schroeder herbert von kluge
john & mary ann roche michael kieschnick mark mccormick
sonja jones eleni tsakopoulos-kounalakis janet & martin sheen
jean w. stevenson alex edelstein rick palkovic & jamie knapp
agnes gund & daniel shapiro steve & alice matzkin genevieve brennan nauman
carl lincoln sotiris kolokotronis robert & elizabeth fisher and family
oliver langenberg sally yanchus mrs. frances stevenson
t.j. & vivian sarmento janet & william kristie william svabek & teddi dunn
jane riggs scott & la ronda fruin tom & phyllis hammer
jack blanks & nancy zahedi mollie ehn & tim lyman clydene shepherd
sylvia wightman thomas & donna stone  

financial summary








other 4,913




africa programs


advocacy 138,978

education services


technical assistance 121,638

fund development









inventory & equipment



grants receivable 150,223







net assets 06/30/06


neva and charles glenn have been involved with solar cooking since 1982. the glenns are the first participants in sci�s new gift annuity program.

solar cookers international (sci) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. sci is a member of interaction and meets its standards for private voluntary organizations. donations to sci are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. sci does not sell, rent or trade donor information. tax id # 68-0153141.

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